Thursday, September 22, 2016

Well, somebody's got to do it.

For some 21 years prior to leaving for South America in 2011, we traveled to Cape Hatteras at the end of October for a week of windsurfing, and later, kiteboarding.  It was properly compared to adult summer camp, with grungy clothes, watching videos, crawling the equipment shops, sleeping late and praying for more wind.  We loved it, and looked forward with great anticipation to heading to the Outer Banks each fall.
Because of difficulties with the schedule, we came out this week.  Good news - the water was warm enough that wet suits weren't needed!  Bad news - lousy wind.  If you look closely, the predicted winds for today are 4 miles per hour, and a mosquito can fly faster than that.
Ironically, the annual Hatteras Wave Classic was scheduled for the week.  Doubly ironic, the only day with much wind was yesterday, which had been declared a rest day.  We couldn't take advantage of the wind, as it was offshore for the sound, but the pros were ripping it up in the ocean.
We were able to kite a little a couple of days ago, and although I didn't do that well, I was able to get back up and ride some - for the first time since 2010.  I guess it's like falling off a bicycle.
Meanwhile, age and wisdom has increased for all of us, and so we spent time doing SUP runs (that's stand-up paddling, for which we still wonder why lessons are offered/needed),
repairing equipment,
  laughing with old friends,
shop crawling,
enjoying Outer Banks sunsets,
and of course catching up on Downton Abbey.  Duh!
We hope it's been a good week for you too.  
I'm having a hard time remembering...  What day of the week is it?
Dave & Paula