Sunday, February 26, 2017

Avast, ye maties!

So, how are things having six kids in the house?  Actually, a lot of fun.  
They've been doing their schoolwork with their mom.
They've been playing dress up, including with Paula's wedding gown.  (I know, kind of 70's, but it still fits her.)  And she really did keep it so the grandkids could play. 
Meanwhile, pictures got taken and sent off for a passport, diplomatic no less, for William the new kid.  And this will be his passport for the next five years.  I know, I know, it could be one of about 5,820,331 white kids.  Not real tight for identification for the next couple of years.
The fish in the pond in the backyard have to be fed, according to Eleanor.
Air-compressor hairdos are the newest thing.
I regularly have to frisk this guy for tools.  I think he was going to try and shorten the blue heron decoy.
The weather has been eerily warm, in fact record-setting for February.  A whitewater boat had been taken down for a kayak-rolling session with the young men at church, and the kids figured it out quickly.
Pirate boardings were a hazard.
Going under the bridge was fascinating, despite the spiders.  And trolls.  Yeah, the trolls!
They played and splashed for long while.
Paula took the opportunity to try out her Christmas waders and evening gloves to muck out the pond on the warm afternoon.  Did I marry a high-class dame or what?!
All in all, it has been a great visit, and we'll be sad to see them go in three weeks or so.
We hope that you, too have taken advantage of the beautiful weather, kayaks or no.
Dave & Paula

Sunday, February 12, 2017

A new member of the (extended) family!

As many of you know, our daughter Ashley and her husband Brandon live in Tajikistan with their five children.  Where?!  Yeah, I know, I had to look myself.

Ashley and the five kids arrived just after Christmas, six weeks prior to her due date, as the State Department strongly suggests that folks in such assignments deliver State-side.  It has been fun having them around.
Ashley has done a very impressive job home-schooling the gang in Tajikistan, though they think riding a bus would be fun.
We had some leftover ham, and of course one of the daughters and I had to cook it with green eggs.
The efforts were not universally appreciated.
Our landscaping has been seriously infested.
Ashley did very well through the end of the pregnancy.
I made the swing and slides kid-safe again,
though the littlest was a bit uneasy about the slide.
Turkish Airlines' incompetence made Brandon four days late, but Ashley's induction went smoothly, and she delivered on Thursday morning.  William Harold Sherwood entered the world without problems, and weighed the usual 7lb 9oz.  The kids couldn't wait to visit the hospital and see their new little brother.  Everybody had to hold him.
Several thought the hospital room was cool.
Paula is a sweet grandmother.
We recognize the blessing of the safe arrival of a new grandkid, and have enjoyed having everyone around.
We hope your descendants are as much fun.
Dave & Paula