Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving greetings from Boston! Hotel Boston, that is!

We are in Sincelejo, Colombia on a mission health trip with the President of the Colombia Barranquilla Mission, after spending a couple of days in that city on the coast, where we gave a lesson to a meeting of the young missionaries on ingrown toenails, fungal skin infections, and other exciting themes.  We also visited local clinics and doctors to thank them and assess care of the missionaries.
We were lucky enough to stay in a hotel with a swimming pool, so we swam for 30 minutes on Thanksgiving morning, after not getting much exercise for a couple of days.  (We "Senior Missionaries" are allowed to do such.)
After sitting in the sun for a bit, we loaded up and headed up the road toward Sincelejo.
It was a six-hour drive, made all the more exciting by swerving motorcycles, passing slow trucks, cows on the road, broken motorcycles, etc.
We stopped along the way for a hearty meal, and were truly thankful for it. The boiled yucca and grilled chicken went great with the excellent lemonade.
So, tonight we're in Sincelejo, a city of about 200,000 souls, in a humble hotel.
In an unusual turn of events, I've been reviewing missionary applications, while Paula eats ice cream from the grocery store next door and in good Thanksgiving tradition, watches football, er, futbol on TV.
Tomorrow, I speak to another Zone Conference about health, and try to find good docs the missionaries can use in the future here in town.
We are truly thankful for a lot. We are in good health, and are blessed to have the opportunity to serve here in Colombia, hopefully enabling the missionaries to stay healthy and continue their work. We are thankful for great children and parents, and for the world's goods that we've been leant so that we can serve. We're grateful for good friends that support us through their prayers, and pray that you've had a good Thanksgiving!
Have some more leftovers!
Dave & Paula


Robert Odis said...

Dave and Paula,
That is a Thanksgiving to remember! Paula - try the coconut ice cream - it's incredible (if you like coconuts....)
Thinking of you both this holiday season - Robert and Teresa

PaulaJean said...

I have to confess I'm familiar with coconut ice cream, and it's delicious! It was nice being as warm as I want for awhile.