Saturday, August 4, 2012

"Yo hablo español"

Paula and a new Mission President's wife, who speaks even less of the language, bravely set out on their own yesterday, to Alkosto, the Bogotá equivalent of Costco.  What made this even braver was the fact that Paula was in charge of the language thing.
"I thought we did very well," she said.  "Oh, I admit there were several times that I didn't make my self perfectly clear."
"And I think they must have misunderstood when I asked for paper towels..."
"And the guy in Venezuela said we made a wrong turn or something.  But hey, we got back safely, OK?  And anyway, I've got a couple of recipes for fish.  And pig.  So there."
Well, we hope that your language skills are improving also.
Dave & Paula, or as we say in Spanish, Dave & Paula

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Brenda Perry said...

Hi Dr. Henderson!!!!
Remember me - Brenda Perry - one of your OLD patients!! :) I am enjoying reading about your adventures more than you could imagine, and the pics - truly priceless! I am glad that you and your wife have gotten this opportunity even though I sure did miss you when I went to your office. I am now seeing Dr. Gray who I find to be very kind, just as you were. I had made an appt with Dr. Zimmerman for a problem I thought there might be - turned out all was well - and he was not in at the time. So, I saw Dr. Gray. All of them speak fondly of you and miss you alot! My husband and I just returned from Gatlinburg, Tennessee - definitely not the adventure that you are having, but we did enjoy the beautiful mountains and were able to spend quality time together. My best wishes to both you and your wife, and I will write later. Thank for all the laughs you have been providing with your blog! A patient who misses you alot -Brenda Perry