Sunday, December 22, 2013

Quiz time!

OK, what makes a buzzing sound and smells like burning wires?
Wrong!  It's a 120-volt appliance when it's plugged into Peruvian 220 volts.
The results can be frustrating and cost money.
So far, we've lost a laminator at the office, because I waited too long to get a transformer and someone plugged it in, and Paula bagged a 500-watt transformer using her 1500-watt pancake griddle.
Warning!  Delicious 220-volt pancakes are not worth this!!
Anyway, yesterday, I burnt out the motor on the shoe dryer (see previous post on homemade shoe dryers), an old friend made by an old friend with whom we used to windsurf and kitesurf.  It has proven indispensable for drying wet suit booties, and more recently missionary-type shoes.
So, after doing what I needed to this morning, I went to our local Maestro store, which is as close as you'll get in Huancayo to a Lowe's or Home Depot.
I will have to admit, and I did so to Paula, that I had a couple of hours of guilty pleasure playing with tools and making a big, happy mess in the kitchen.
In the end, the Dr. Winston Trice Shoe Dryer Mark III (Now Mk. III.01) was as good, or even better, than new, with its 220-volt fan motor humming happily along.
We hope that a) your shoes don't get wet, and b) you don't forget you're in Peru.
Dave & Paula


Sherwood family said...

That's the problem with having identical plugs for different voltages. Maybe paint all of the 110-wires bright red?

Patti said...

Nice visuals!