Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Mission Home - Late, but Great!

We moved in to the new Mission Home this week.  It is indeed beautiful, the work of the architect Irma Callupe from Huancayo.  She spends much of her professional time traveling about, building chapels, mission homes, etc. for the  Church.
The interior is beautiful and open and light, three stories up and a basement.
 The living room, with Paula chatting excitedly with one of our daughters.
The lovely dining room.

The office has since been cleaned up.
The view up the stairs.
Paula and the living room from another angle.
Paula said it was a great birthday present.
I didn't have to actually sign a check, just the acceptance of the property.
While the house is beautiful and we feel honored to live in it, we recognize it as a sacrifice and blessing, and will try to use it to the benefit of the Mission, the members of the Church, and the folks of Huancayo and beyond.
Dave & Paula


Dolly Pierce said...

Beautiful and open!

Tia Andelin said...

Excited that you are finally in your beautiful mission home. It is huge!

Ciscokid said...

Ah, come'on, aren't you gonna miss the cockroach infected little shoebox you were living in? Death to the law of entropy!

Patti said...

Wow! It is so much nicer than I expected. What a treat to be able to live and work there.

Anonymous said...

WOW! LOADS of beautiful light and white space - will make for wonderful group missionary pictures! I have such fond memories of my mission home: having my trainer shine my shoes on the back lawn, dressing up for the nativity in the living room and trying to sneak a peek at the transfers picture wall en la oficina!