Monday, March 3, 2014

The Dedication of the Mission Home

Every three months, a Coordinating Council is held in the Mission, to which attend the Presidents of the Stakes (collections of five to 10 congregations) and the General Authority of the Church at the next level.  All serve without recompense, and I have come to respect and appreciate them.
After yesterday's meeting, everyone trooped over to the new Mission Home.  I was asked to give the dedicatory prayer; my only hope was that I didn't instead call down some kind of curse with my + Spanish skills.
A tour of the place was next.  Most of these good men live in much humbler circumstances; only one has a car, and they travel by bus or colectivo taxi to arrive in Huancayo.
Sister Henderson had meanwhile prepared a great meal, and at their request, the recipe from the Southern Living Cookbook for Ham Tetrazzini has now spread across the highlands of Central Peru.
I'm sure that the neighbors must have thought the CIA or the DEA or the FBI had shown up, with all the guys in dark suits.  Paula says we need to invite folks over to tell them why a couple of gringos have arrived, and offer them her excellent gringo brownies with ice cream. 
Our new and dear friend Irma Callupe, the architect for the house, was also in attendance.  Though she is not a member of the Church, she has built at least 25 of its chapels in the region over the last 15 years. She's a great lady, and a hoot to boot.
We are most grateful to be allowed such a nice home for the next 2.4 years (but who's counting?). We'll remember that it's not really ours, and try to use it for good purposes.
Dave & Paula


Patti said...

Coordinating Council! I had never connected that every stake president and mission president in the worldwide church had coordinating council every 3 months. My mind is blown, and I love it!

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