Sunday, September 7, 2014

An allergy to chocolate would be sad in this Mission

Paula (aka Sister Henderson) has always been a good cook, and after adjusting to our altitude, continues to be.  Her brownies have become legendary in the Mission, and are served during breaks at meetings, to the great delight of the missionaries.
These two weeks, Elder Uceda, the President of the five-country Area of the Church in which we are serving, is making the first official tour of the Mission.  As he is a General Authority of the Church, conferences are being held with all of the local Church leaders and the missionaries.
OK, so how much stuff does it take to make jumbo-sized brownies for about 230 people?  This much.
 Add a lot of time and getting the silly oven to stay lit, and that´s a lot of brownies!
We hope that your dessert plans are less ambitious.
Dave & Paula


Raquel Turner said...

Just one of the reasons Sister Henderson is loved by all.

Patti said...

That is an incredible amount of ingredients, and time, and amazing looking brownies. Very impressive!