Sunday, January 11, 2015

The passing of Kirby Jones

Lucille and Kirby Jones arrived here in early November of last year, assigned to photograph and thus preserve records in the archives of Huancayo for the region.  This they have done with great faithfulness and vigor, and along the way have been great missionaries.  They came to love the Elders and Sisters, and it went both ways.  The Jones helped with projects, 
participated in Zone Conferences,
and were a great help to the Mission, in addition to their Family History duties.
Kirby became ill on Christmas Day, and this illness became very serious a few days later. His condition varied over the next two weeks, but was always critical.  Despite good care and fervent prayers, he passed away this morning.  
Our hearts go out to Lucille and all the family.  Between them they raised twelve kids, and served many, many people.
Sometimes, even despite our most sincere prayers things don't turn out like we think they should.  A philosopher once said, "The function of prayer is not to influence God, but rather to change the nature of the one who prays."
We will miss this good, kind man.
Dave & Paula


Anonymous said...

This is just beautiful, thank you. We will miss Bro. Kirby Jones, and our heart goes out to Sis. Lucy Jones.

Anonymous said...

We had a wonderful Christmas call with our son, Elder Toomer, and part of the time we spent talking about "Elder Jones" and how they were buds. He said Elder Jones encouraged him to pursue acting on "Studio C" after completing his mission. That made Elder Toomer's day! My husband and I have appreciated the photographs that Elder and Sister Jones took and posted on their blog, especially the ones of missionaries. We were always delighted to see missionaries that we recognized. We were looking forward to meeting both of them after they returned from their mission. This is a tender time for the family and we add our love and prayers to the rest of the mission family at this time. Love The Toomers

Anonymous said...

Kirby was a man of commitment. He was committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ, to Lucy and their family and to all he touched. Kirby was a man of the covenant and I believe will receive all that has been promised him. Thank you Kirby for your example. We love you Lucy.