Monday, March 9, 2015

They got married!

Our baby boy Michael, 23, got married on Friday.  
He and his fiáncee Adrienne Miller were married in the Oquirrh Mountain LDS temple on the west side of the Salt Lake Valley.  
All of our kids were there, including Laura and her husband Ben, who live in Portland, 
Brynn and her husband Chad who live on the North Carolina coast,
Sam and his friend Emily (left) who are in Seattle, and our daughter Ashley, who lives in Tajikistan (it's a long story).
All of my five siblings came for the wedding, including my four sisters,
and my brother, here shown resting before the plane ride home, after a hard day at Snowbird.
Lots of old friends were kind enough to show up.
The newlyweds were happy as they could be.  During the marriage ceremony itself, there is a point where each one says "Yes," agreeing to the covenant they are making.  Mike said so twice before the proper point, and had to be asked to wait just a bit longer.
Meanwhile, back in Huancayo, I too was having a great time.  I was able to Skype briefly and say congratulations, but otherwise I was enjoying my time alone.  Let's see... I was, uh, no that was with Paula.  I, uh, no that was the week before.  Oh, yeah, I watched Star Trek, Episode II, The Clone Wars and had a nice nap doing that.  I read about 200 missionary letters, drove to San Pedro de Cajas and Tarma... Like I said, it was great.  I guess I did miss seeing everyone, however.
We hope that your weddings are as happy.
Dave, and now Paula's back safely.  Whew!


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Congratulations to you all!

Patti said...

What a happy time for your family! It is truly a sacrifice being a mission president the day one of your children gets married. Thank you.