Sunday, April 19, 2015

That's stepping over a pretty low bar

As you will recall, Paula recently traveled to the US briefly for Mike and Adrienne's wedding, obviously by air (however, if she had hitch-hiked, there wouldn't have been baggage limitations.)
Many of us fear airplane toilets, and will go to great lengths to become severely dehydrated before air travel.  While dismissed as a myth, it may or may not be true that folks have been sucked out through the toilet in mid-flight.  I don't know, I'm just saying, but I don't drink much beforehand.  I'm just saying.
Their design, while deemed diabolical by some, is a marvel of efficiency.
Anyway, having to powder her nose during the leg of her trip between Lima and Dallas, it suddenly hit Paula:  the airplane facility was nicer than any public bathroom she had seen in Peru!
It had, in no particular order, but to her increasing amazement, a) a toilet seat (not considered a standard feature down here), b) toilet paper (it is routinely 'liberated'), c) something called paper towels, which I vaguely remember from a previous life, d) warm, flowing water (!), e) soap, and f) a door, and it even closed! And locked!  Dude!
We hope that you have better luck than we have when the need arises.
Dave and Paula


Jon and Joni Prince said...

Oh how the smallest luxury can make us smile...I think I spent 3 years dehydrated avoiding bathrooms on travel!

Patti said...

It's all about perspective!