Sunday, August 16, 2015

Gardening Therapy

This assignment can at times become stressful, and is often time-consuming.  So, what do you do to keep sane, or rather slow the slide from sanity?  You torture plants!  They don't fight back!
For those of you who don't know Sister Henderson well, she is an addicted gardener.  If given a free hour at home in North Carolina, she'd put on her tool belt and gloves and dig in the dirt.  The opportunity to do so is more limited here, but still occasionally available. 
Other folks may rearrange furniture - she rearranges her garden. 
The results are sometimes breathtaking.
On one occasion, a supervisor of church properties came by, noticed the grass, and complimented her on the great idea of putting in artificial turf.  She bristled visibly, and informed him that it was real grass!  On several occasions, the office Elders have taken the opportunity to just lie in it, probably the best patch in Huancayo.  And the Mission.  And probably Peru.  (Maybe South America?)
Under her care, the small gardens around the mission home have blossomed.
If only given more space...
We hope that your gardens are doing well, and if not, she'll come by and restore order sometime in late 2016.
Dave & Paula


Patti said...

I am not surprised in the least! Nice job Paula!

Liz said...

A green thumb is always a welcome gift.