Monday, September 14, 2015

From the Department of Duh

You know, sometimes the desire of manufacturers, apartment building owners and others to avoid litigation from potential risks goes a bit too far.  Take this warning sign, for instance: 
Perhaps this was to alert those who are actually 24 feet tall or something.  Or who are blind.  No, wait, it's not in Braille.
This next one makes me think of ways that the gene pool could be chlorinated. 
I'm confused, or perhaps they're confused.  Gives me a headache.
It looks like a joke, but apparently was for real.  Ewww!  Don't put Spot in the Nukerator!
This one made me think a bit, which is, after all, a good exercise.
About once a month, we find it necessary to spend the night at Cerro de Pasco, the mining town at 14,400 feet about which I've written before. 
We live at 11,000 feet here in the higher part of Huancayo, but it still may be from the additional altitude in Cerro that we both have difficulty sleeping.  Because of this, we occasionally use a mild hypnotic (sleeping pill, not hypnotist, although that would be another idea) to get some needed rest.
I was taken aback reading the actual real warning label on the prescription bottle:
Wait!  Whoa!  I need to back off on the booze also?!  And not drive a car in my pajamas around Cerro de Pasco at night?!  And these pills may cause drowsiness?!!  Hey, what are they trying to do with this stuff, anyway?!!!
I feel lucky that I read the label before taking any.
We hope that you, too, heed the warning signs all around us.
Dave & Paula

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Patti said...

I know this post was about warning signs and labels, but after having the worst night of my life at not quite 10,000 feet, I kept thinking about how you guys are always at 11,000 feet. You are going to have super powers when you get back to sea level!