Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Henderson Family tradition comes to Peru

Paula's a good cook, no question.  She has become well-known among the missionaries for her culinary skills, and any invitation to the mission home for a meal is reason enough to cancel anything else. At their departure, she cooks a special meal for the missionaries, in which - gasp - there are no rice, potatoes or chicken!
She has learned to adapt to the locally-available foodstuffs.
Such as mangoes, in season.
No council or conference with the missionaries would be complete without her brownies.
During sessions with the pensionistas that feed the missionaries, Paula has introduced them to various exotica, such as pancakes.
One of her supreme achievements is a strawberry pie, the recipe for which has been handed down in her family from a 1964 Better Homes and Gardens, which displayed it on the cover.
This particular confection has become legendary.
No question, some of Paula's desserts through the years have knocked it clean out of the park.  It became a family rule that if it was that good, licking your plate was within the limits of proper etiquette.  
This has now become the rule in the Mission.  Some of these plates were licked so clean, I believe that they could have been put straight back in the cupboard, though we didn't.
We hope that your cooking turns out to be as appreciated.
Dave & Paula


Jon and Joni Prince said...

So amazing! She is a whiz!

Patti said...

Good thing I had just eaten before viewing the results of Paula's culinary prowess. I only drooled a teeny bit.