Thursday, December 24, 2015

Helping out the neighborhood

Every year, a bit before Christmas, the condominium complex where we live sponsors a fun night for the residents.  The kids dress up in their pretty dresses,
and a clown is hired.  (The clown is on the left.)
This year, as it does in the rainy season, it rained.  Hard.  We had just arrived back from Huánuco, a seven-hour drive, after participating in the Christmas Zone Conference there, when a knock came on the front door.  It was the president of the condo association, asking if they could use our driveway/parking places for the clown show, as we have a covered area there.
We had planned to turn off the lights and hide out and go to bed early, but we said, "Sure, bring it on."  And bring it on they did, including the small shelter they had set up, and a bunch of chairs.
The kids had a great time with the two clowns and their helper.  They had fun for about an hour,
then everyone had 'panettone' and hot chocolate and chatted.
Panettone is a kind of fruitcake popular here for the holidays.  Consistent with Peruvians' distaste for really sweet things, it is not.  Also, they go kind of light on the fruit.  The stacks of boxes and bags of panettone go up in the stores long before Christmas.
All the neighbors clapped when they were asked to show their appreciation for our allowing them to use the venue.  We thought we could finally crawl in bed.  Not so fast, gringos!  We were appointed the judges of the annual competition for decorating the houses.  They go nuts down here with the lights and other stuff, and the winning entry was complete with a live manger scene with their kids (getting wet), and enough lights that I'm sure they were using about 10% of the city's electricity.
When all was said and done, we were glad that we had answered the knock on the front door, and could help out the neighbors.
We hope that you aren't called upon to judge your neighbors, and that you have a Merry Christmas!
Dave & Paula


Liz said...

SO fun to see these beautiful children and the gift of your sleep, which I know would have been nice at least until midnight when the fireworks went off, right? We tried panettone last year and decided that if we don't buy it again, there would be more for those who do love it! Some tastes do seem to be acquired, and from Elder Livi's comments about how he likes it now, it does seem he has acquired it! :)

Patti said...

Ahhhhh! That was so nice of you guys!

Patricia said...

We love pannetone so much that Doug bought some for me this Christmas. But I don't consider it fruitcake. It's bread with a little fruit.