Friday, March 18, 2016

So you think YOU have political problems...

Quick update on the previous political post:  Señor Acuña and another semi-serious contender, Julio Guzman have been disqualified as candidates for president.  Both have been accused of *gasp* irregularities in their campaigns!! In addition, the front-runner, Keiko Fujimori, the daughter of disgraced and imprisoned former president Alberto Fujimori, has now been accused of the same.
This all smells like the work of Alán García, the two-time previous president and present candidate. He is (in)famous for torpedoing other candidates, despite his own fame as the most corrupt president in modern times, and for helping Peru reach inflation levels of 2,200,200% over his first five years in power, ending in 1991.  Poverty increased by 13% in the country during that run.  García was indicted for corruption, and fled to Colombia, then France, only to return when the statue of limitations expired, just in time to win another presidential election.  Huh?!  These accusations and disqualifications of other candidates sound suspiciously like his work, in cahoots with buddies in the judicial branch.
Meanwhile, 22 of the 25 regional presidents of the country are under investigation for corruption, four are already sitting in jail, one has fled, and another is accused of extortion and, oh, by the way, murder.
We will arrive in the United States just in time for the wind-up of the presidential campaigns there.  We've been warned by Google News and other sources of what's been happening up north, and we are steeling ourselves for the, uh, excitement of that contest.  
We hope that you are less saddened by all of this than we are.  
Dave & Paula


Anonymous said...

Hey Dr. Henderson! Betty Anne Davidson here. I tried to find an email address for you, but haven't been very successful! If possible, can you email me? I have some friends visiting Peru soon! Hope you and Paula are doing well!

Patti said...

And I thought we had a crazy campaign going on!