Monday, April 11, 2016

Stretching the legs

As some of you might know, we are planning to hike the Inca Trail with friends and family after our replacement arrives at the end of June.  This backpacking hike ends the morning of the fourth day at Machu Picchu and looks pretty strenuous,
with some significant gains and losses of altitude.
Close behind where we live is a round hill, known as "la corona del fraile" which means "the head of the friar," because it has a bald top with a fringe of trees.  The missionaries have referred to it also as "la cabeza del Presidente," or "the head of you-know-who."  Those who do so often find themselves in the cold, windy places of the Mission on the next transfer.
We have begun substituting our normal forms of 30 minutes of daily exercise
for hiking up things, like that hill.  
We've increased the length and altitude-gained aspects of such hikes.  A couple of day ago, we invited the office staff and started up the mountains.
Though it started off rainy, it ended up just a little cloudy and cool, perfect for grinding up the hill.
Paula was fashionably cute, as always.  One must always look good, even if one doesn't feel good.
One must also, of course, gloatingly text her friends in the US as to her progress up the mountain.
We finally reached 13,400 feet, up from 10,700 at the start, and 10 kilometers distance, and did what any other extreme expedition does on attaining their goal.  We had sandwiches and cookies.  And juice.  duh.
OK, the dog.  After patting ourselves liberally on the back for our fine and grueling achievement, we looked around, and there was a middle-aged mamita calmly knitting and tending her flock of sheep.  
She had most likely hiked up that morning to bring them to pasture.  So much for feeling heroic. 
We hope that your strolls have as breathtaking views of the Andes.  Na na na na na na!
Dave & Paula 


Ciscokid said...

Hey Presidente,
My son, Elder Neubert in the Lima South Mission was just transferred to the office as the Mission Health Secretary. He has no idea what he's doing, but is ready for an adventure. Looks like your adventure will never come to an end. Good luck on the hike in the Andes!! Bishop Neubert

Patti said...

You were just shy of reaching the altitude at Dead Woman's Pass. You guys are going to nail the Inca Trail. And it will be spectacular! Just a little jealous here about that one. Enjoy!

Tia Andelin said...

Amazing preparation for your hike. It won't be long and you will be actually hiking it. Have fun.