Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Yipes! It's going to end?!

We really are trying to not be aware of the time left before this assignment ends, and we still have a full calendar.  Last week we were on a Zone Conference trip, in which we dragged along the Area Mental Health Advisor and his wife, a couple of great Australians with the accompanying cool accent and great sense of humor.
 We had an enjoyable time with them, and their lessons to the missionaries were right on the money.
However, the local "O y M" (stands for'operations and maintenance') guys took advantage of our being gone for almost a week and invaded the mission home, the nice house where we live.  Their intent was to paint and repair the house in preparation for our replacement's arrival.  However, their timing was off, and we got home a long time before they finished.  (Actual simulated photo)
OK, it wasn't THAT bad, but it was close.  However, they did know that death awaited them if they touched Paula's plants.  
That's her cyclamen garden, and last time they cleaned their brushes in it with solvents, then scruffed up the dirt to try and hide their sin.  
So we just hid out in the office and hoped that the cleanup went OK.
It has reminded us that things are coming to a close one of these days, like it or not.
We hope that OyM clears out of YOUR house before you get home.
Dave & Paula


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I have enjoyed your blog so much! Will you keep blogging or leave all your followers aimlessly searching to find their occasional chuckle....P.S. Are you going back into practice? Just asking...