Sunday, July 17, 2016

Holy Guacamole! Different worlds!!

In a previous blog post/previous life, the tale of obtaining a Peruvian driver license was related.  OK, but not completely.  Huh?
We left out one little teensy weensy detail.  When all was said and done, after 23 visits over 4 months, 40 hours wasted, and about $300 spent, it  didn't really matter!  That's right, I found out later that after being flunked three times on the (it turned out to be) fake driving test, that the fix was ultimately in. The day after the third flunk, once again for something unbelievably stupid and picky, I was handed my license by the smiling head of the facility, and instead of asking questions, I grabbed it and ran.  It turned out that a never-to-be-named friend had heard of my plight, knew someone in the Ministry of Transport and Communication, and that was that.
Paula only suffered through 20 visits and 4 months, and we learned later that it was all false also - another never-to-be-identified friend, without our knowledge had paid someone in the Ministerio and done was done.
"Oh, for sure," commented several folks, "You'll never get a license in Huancayo without knowing or paying someone.  For sure."
DMV's being DMV's, we were given bogus information from North Carolina, and I didn't realize that I needed to renew my license online before March of 2016.  Soooo, I had to take everything again, the eye test, the written, and the DRIVING TEST!!  AAAGGHH!! I was 16 years old again!!  Only this time without hair!!  Quick - who can I pay off?
Here in Jacksonville, NC, at my daughter's place, with all the military folks coming and going the first I could get an appointment for the exam would be in mid-August.  However, in Kenansville, about 45 minutes down the road, I got one for last Tuesday.  
Oops, that's the historic courthouse for Duplin County, North Carolina.  This is the DMV office, a couple of blocks down the street.
I studied the handbook.  Twice.
I took the online tests.  Multiply.  And I didn't sleep very well last night.  We showed up 15 minutes early, and there was no one in line!  I aced the written, and with a smile, the nice lady asked if I was ready for the driving test.  Oh, no!!
Except that after approximately eight minutes on the road, she could tell that I was no longer driving like a Peruvian, and directed me back to the DMV office.  It was so brief that I thought I had flunked, but I PASSED!!
So, 27 minutes after we came in, I walked out as a licensed driver!  
We hope that your experience at the DMV is anywhere near as pleasant.  And remember, if you're in Huancayo, and you want a license.... wait, you didn't hear it from me.
Dave & Paula

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