Sunday, August 21, 2016

Thank you all!

As you know, we got home safely.  Since then, we did the annual Henderson beach reunion, this time with 79 (not a typo) people, including the entire extended family save two people.  It was the first time since 2009 that our own family had been all together.
We've been repairing vehicles, doing yard work, putting things away, and all the rest.
However, I recognize that very little of this has much of a broad interest.  Raleigh, North Carolina lacks the absurdities, frustrations, comic relief and rich experiences of the central highlands of Peru and our assignment there.  This is a nice place to live, but you probably wouldn't want to visit there.
In the end, I appreciate very much your reading "Out of the Frying Pan" for the last couple of years. It gave me an outlet at times when I was approaching the end of the rope, and the opportunity to laugh at times when that was about the only reasonable alternative.
I'll continue the blog, but I harbor no delusions that it will be of interest to a lot of folks, and that's OK. Again, I thank you for hanging around this long.
Dave Henderson

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Patti said...

Still here! I happen to love Raleigh, and your family, so I'm good to go.