Thursday, November 17, 2016

How did I have time to have a job?!

That was a quote from my father after he retired, and describes how I feel at the moment.  When we arrived home, we first had to unpack all the boxes,
and figure out where everything had been stored.  "Yee hah!  I found some sheets! Now where are those towels?"
When we arrived, we thought we smelled some natural gas, and continued to do so occasionally.  We finally called the gas company, and within 15 minutes, the guy was here. After his evaluation, he said, "This is probably the biggest gas leak at a house that I have ever seen!  You people are lucky you didn't blow up your house and half the neighborhood." About $575 to the plumber later, all was set right.  Stuff just doesn't last like it used to; those pipes were only 53 years old!
The beloved microwave had become petulant during our absence, but with flattering words, and sending its control board to the Bronx with some $$, we were back in business.
During the five years, the trees grew a little.  Make that a lot.  So we called our buddy Bobby Anderson and he came out with the crew and took care of things.
I was impressed by their courage and technique,
and they took everything down that we indicated without damaging anything.
OK, almost anything.  In grinding a stump, they also ground up a drain pipe I had installed years ago, and it had to be excavated and repaired.  The smile is fake, only for the camera.
When they took out some big trees, a corner of the lot looked, well, naked.  I extended the fence with a new section, and didn't swear once during the process. Thought about it, didn't do it.
And, naturally, you can't just leave a bare spot like that, correct?  Certainly not if your name is Paula Henderson, so off we went to the North Carolina Arboretum to scout out possible things to plant there.
Stuff just doesn't last like it used to, you know? and we realized that the roof needed replaced after only 26 years. I guess the time in South America has finally proven useful, as I could communicate with the foreman on the job.
However, it was the usual big mess for a while.
Sheesh!  I think I may need to get a job to get some rest.
We hope that your retirement is as busy.  No, really!
Dave & Paula

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Patti said...

I'm exhausted just from reading about what you've been doing. I'm gonna go take a nap now.