Thursday, January 19, 2017

No more ignored signs!

We learned our lesson in the last chapter of the blog. You've got to read the warning signs and follow them. So, we started watching more closely on our next field trip, in which we took the Sydney Harbor Ferry
to Manly Beach, one of the more well-known strands in Sydney, and took a walk around notable sites in the area.
Most of the signs were pretty straight forward.
Many seemed like good safety tips. Apparently, parts of the 100-foot cliffs on the North Head - one of the points of land defining the Sydney Harbor entrance - had begun falling off in big chunks at inopportune moments. Bad for tourism!
Admittedly, $5,500.00 Australian is actually only $4,146.64 US dollars, but that is still not worth bringing Fido along.
This next one kind of worried me for the safety of my lovely spouse, but she maintained it was the other kind of fox.  Whew!
I was OK with this one, as I had no intention of bothering Large or Medium penguins either.
With a gruesome graphic like this, I don't even want to know how heavy the penalties are.
If my hoarder/collector days were not long over, this would have done the trick.
I was already walking kind of slowly, as we'd covered about nine miles on the day, but when I was informed that I needed to further decelerate to save what appears to be a large rat, I heeded the warning.  It took about an hour to do the next 100 yards, but the bandicoots are safe.
I have become very partial to Australia during our brief time here.  It is a lovely, laid back, fascinating place with wonderful people. Because of this, and my basic desire to preserve history, I did in no way, shape or form disturb the following patrimony of New South Wales:
Things are going better now that we are paying more attention to the warning signs.
We hope that you are finding your way more smoothly by doing so also.
Dave & Paula

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Patti said...

So glad you slowed down for the bandicoots. :D