Tuesday, April 11, 2017

You can only be young once....

but you can be immature your whole life!  Yee Hah!
Paula and I have windsurfed for literally 30 years, and every year for 20 years, until 2011, we traveled to Cape Hatteras in the fall and occasionally in the spring to do so. The Pamlico Sound is shallow, but subject to ocean winds, and so it's a superb venue for such things, and getting together with my brother and a great friend from medical school and their wives is just a great, fun, immature week.
Our friend, an ophthalmologist from my medical school class, began kiteboarding eight or nine years ago, and my brother and I started playing with it a little bit before we left town for a while. There are a ton of crazy physics involved, but it's a graceful-looking sport, and we wanted to learn it.
I was just starting to maybe understand it a teensy bit, had bought a kite, and then, whoosh! Paula and I were off to South America for five years.  Meanwhile, my brother and my friend kept at it, and are now expert.
Even when the wind doesn't blow, the Outer Banks are a great place to be.
And it's fun hanging out with my brother and our long-time buddy.
Would you let any of these guys a) laser your eyeball, b) deliver your baby, or c) replace your hip?  Heck, no!  Run!
We hope that your friends are as fun, and that I can get better at this stupid sport, even though I'll never catch up to them.

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