Friday, June 22, 2012

Protest graffiti in Bogotá!

Graffiti is alive and well in Bogotá.  In fact, the city is specifically known for it's often-skilled wall artists, for good or evil.  (see future blog post for some honestly outstanding work)
Sentiments of protest are frequently expressed in graffiti form.  For instance, this sardonic work:
Translation:  "Bullfighting is art and graffiti is vandalism."
Below, on a university wall:
Meaning, "The students in our country have struggled divided, but now they are resolved to form a front!"
The following ominous-appearing example reads: 
"Without women, there is no revolution."
And this one, generally celebrating the power of students protesting together: 
However, this one caught my eye today, obviously from a Bogataño who has been driven to poignantly scream:
 (And I am not making this up) "No more intestine soup!"  
May all your graffiti be so rich with meaning, and may your mother stop feeding you stuff like that.

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