Saturday, June 23, 2012

Another quiet Saturday morning in Bogotá...

Yes, it's a great day to consider sleeping in a little...until Tamale Lady makes her rounds.
She comes around early Saturday and Sunday mornings, announcing her presence with:

I'm told that they're not as good as Paula's tamales, but not bad.
We have been impressed with the pragmatism of Colombians.  There's not much of a safety net, and so people figure out how to get by.  And if that means waking up the Gringos on Saturday morning, tough.
We hope your Tamale Lady waits until at least 9:00 AM.
Dave & Paula
(P.S.  Unfortunately, you only get the audio player for full effect (and if you REALLY want the full effect, crank up the volume) if you are using the Chrome or Firefox browser. I can't get it to function on Safari.) 

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Tabb and Michelle said...

Believe it or not...we do have 2 tamale ladies: Sis Larkin and Sis Campos. Through their efforts the girls made all the money they needed for Girls Camp selling Tamale's. The made 500 + !!!