Sunday, September 16, 2012

Leaving a Part of Yourself In Colombia

A small part, actually, the appendix (actual icky medical photo).
One of the missionaries in San Luis (see previous blog) didn't feel good last week, and sure enough, on Saturday night he bloomed a good case of appendicitis.  He was driven down to the Clínica Santa Fe in Bogotá, which was recently rated one of the four top hospitals in South America (proud of it and charging accordingly).  He was quickly diagnosed and had a laparoscopic appendectomy.  (Actual Photo-Shopped propaganda picture - Bogotá sky never looks like that.)
We realized on Tuesday evening that we now have an extra bedroom (more on that later) and that this could be useful to the Bogotá North Mission President, who was traveling in various parts of Colombia.  If we took the Elder in, I wouldn't have to go to the office, and since 99.9% of our work is done on the internet and phone, that was just fine.
Elder Kirby is assigned to San Luis (see "Cold; Colombian Cities That Are Very"), and so he took full advantage of our terrace and some occasional sunshine while he recovered.
All good things have to end, however, and so we served him, his companion and the Temporary Companion dinner, 
pulled his stitches and sent him on his way.  We saw him in church today, and although cold, he's doing OK.  Did I mention that San Luis can be chilly?
May you not leave any major body parts in a foreign country.
Dave & Paula

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Looks like you guys are having too much fun!:)