Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hey! Bogotá's Not That Bad After All!

The apartment we lived in for the first 11 months was fine, really, but it had its disadvantages.
However, the rent was right, Area Medical Advisors had lived there for several generations, it was reasonably close to the office, etc., and we were fine.  Really.  No, really.  Fine.
Anyway, one day we looked up across the street, and lo, there was a For Rent sign posted in the window of a top-floor apartment with a terrace, sunshine, and a guy walking around on the roof.
Ignoring the guy on the roof, I called, found out that the rent was only a few dollars more, and met the mother of the owner for a tour.
It had marble floors,
a nice second bedroom,
a much bigger kitchen,
and even a separate laundry room.
The main bedroom is the 2nd biggest we've ever had.
I guess they must have small maids, because the maid's bathroom was pretty dinky.
I called Paula back from the hairdresser, showed it to her, and without a word, she headed back to the apartment and started carrying boxes.  After I got her to settle down, we signed the papers.
Two days later, the moving crew showed up.
As did the REAL moving crew, 
who were unbelievably efficient and hardworking.  They were a great bunch, done in a little more than an hour, including carrying two desks, box springs and the sofa up six flights of stairs.  Everything else came up in the elevator, which is typically teeny.
To my everlasting amazement, they somehow folded up the king-size mattress and got it in the elevator.  If you ever need a moving crew, call these guys!
Within minutes, Paula had the spices alphabetized, the socks lined up straight in the drawers, and everything in its place.
The fireplace worked,
and before you could say, "Plantas, por favor," she had found a nursery a long walk away and bought some.  
The terrace gets nice sun, and the apartment is a number of degrees warmer than the old one.
On sunny days, I have to use subterfuge to get her off the terrace and over to the office.  She no longer will believe me when I tell her they're giving away free cars down on Calle 72, or that the Mission President is taking us out for lunch.
Anyway, it's been a good move, and we're very happy to be in new surroundings that are a bit more pleasant.
We hope your moves are good, and the movers are, too.

Dave & Paula


Amy Henderson said...

You are lucky to have "built-in" missionary elder movers. I think the airfare might be prohibitive for me to use the Colombian guys, but they do look nice and strong.

I'm SO relieved that the world won't blow up, now that PJ's socks are straight...

And I'm glad you get to warm, more often!

youarenicelady said...

I thought the story was going to end with something about the guy that was walking on the roof.... haha. Are the missionaries calling you "quico," yet? (Chilean for "rich")