Saturday, December 8, 2012

OK, take one city off the "have to see" list

We are once again on the road, this time to help chase down contacts of a sick missionary with a communicable disease and have them all tested.  This has brought us to Portoviejo, Ecuador, which as you're aware, is known as "The City of the Royal Tamarind Trees," though looking out the window, I can't see one for the life of me.
So, we flew to Guayaquil, stayed overnight with the Mission President, then got on the bus to Portoviejo.  Paula had to make sure that the curtains were straight. 
The two young missionary Assistants to the President, didn't seem as worried about the whole curtain-straight thing.
I must say that the four-hour bus ride was enchanting.  I must say that or the Ecuadorian Department of Tourism will revoke my visa.  Actually, it was not, and the violent (and most likely pirated) DVD of some regrettable export of American culture that was playing on the bus wasn't either. 
Portoviejo has had some tough times, but is coming back as a center of agriculture for the region. How can you not like a place with an angel guarding the local mall?
 We gathered up those who had some risk, and told them about what they had to do.  This picture was taken BEFORE they were informed.
 We guarded the exits at the clinic.
Everyone survived, with strict instructions to not go into too gory details in their weekly letter home to their mother.
So, what do you do in Portoviejo while waiting for results?  Well, you can hang out at La Casa Del Guardafango, or 'The House of the Mudflap.'
Or head across the street from our hotel with your squeaky moto to La Esquina del Lubricante, or 'Lubrication Corner.'
Or (duh!) you catch up on your sleep!
We hope that your test results come back negative, also.  
And by the way, sadly for the Portoviejo tourism folks, you can probably drop if from the list.
Dave & Paula

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Patti said...

The smiling "before" picture cracked me up, and the instruction to not send gory details to their moms. Good call.