Monday, December 24, 2012

Excuse me?! Bing Crosby and WHO??!!

OK, right off the bat, I had my reasons for the search; on the other hand, I have the right to remain silent as to what they were.  Luckily for us, iTunes comes through loud and clear in Colombia.  
Now, sure, you've got the Vienna Boys' Choir, 
and you've got the country version,
and he was Cuban-born, so Jose Feliciano did it Latino-style.
However, as I searched in to the distant, fuzzy edges of iTunes, I felt myself sliding in to a different dimensional reality.  The Klezmonauts?  On "Oy to the World?"  Really?  "The Little Drummer Boy??!!"
And then it got weird.  While The Tabernacle Choir tried to reach me through the time-space warp, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Tesh and Celtic Thunder flashed by, all singing about the young fellow and his rhythmic offering.
As the versions of "The Little Drummer Boy" passed 2,000 (I am not making that up), the numbers on the iTunes meter began to blur as they scrolled faster and faster.  Suddenly, through the purplish haze, I could hear the guitar wailing.  "No, no!" I cried out.
Then, all became silent.  As in a dream, the sound rose from a whisper, gradually rising to an unearthly duet.  "It couldn't be..." I thought.  "No, really, it shouldn't be!"
And yet it was! 
This part, I am not making up either.  It was David Bowie and Bing Crosby, same song, complete with a reference to a video of the same unholy mashup.
I backed slowly away from the computer, then ran to the fuse box and threw the circuit breaker.  Just in time!  The world stopped spinning and came to a shuddering halt.  It was still Christmas Eve!  I had a chance to repent and look for something else on iTunes!
We hope that your Christmas Eve is going better than this, and that, with family gathered about, you have a Merry and warm Christmas.
Dave & Paula


Patti said...

Whew! Close call, and very scary. Happy New Year!

Thom Shurtleff said...

Not sure if I am adding a comment here to the story or a comment to a comment. But that song - actually called "Peace on Earth" is beautiful. David Bowie and Bing Crosby are phenomenal on this TV production recording. No studio version is available, just the live TV recording during Bing's very last christmas show. Bing does his lovely bass line of little drummer boy and Bowie does his counter melody "Peace on earth, can it be. Years from now perhaps we'll see", truly beautiful and heart warming. Don't be afraid.. Find the tune again on itunes and listen up.. you will not regret it. Sweet sweet message and outstanding harmony.

Thom Shurtleff said...

And now that I figured out how to post a comment, may I be one of the first to say Happy New Year to you and all! And give Peace on Earth a try - not literally...oh! maybe I do mean literally. Dave, if you recall WHFS in DC and a DJ named Cerf.. he used to play that tune every Christmas eve as he was signing off.

Anonymous said...

Hope your enjoying latin holidays! Mikey came over for dinner, hot tub, ice cream, a little guitar and lots of me asking him questions last night!