Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Gift of Contentment

We've tried to keep our blog entries on the light side; no one wants to read long, boring stuff.  However, though fulfilling, not everything about mission life is sparkling.
We've been in stuck in not so great places for much longer than we wanted.
Though we've seen some marvelous things, there are not-so-marvelous things.
This is certainly not like living in Raleigh.  However, we have realized that the compensation has been the Gift of Contentment.
While the clothes dryer back home was certainly quicker, and the results fluffier, this one works just fine.
 The dishwasher may whine occasionally, but he's really OK.
 The garbage disposal is pretty handy.
The gym membership came with the apartment.  We think the bike was made sometime before Paula herself.
The fresh-squeezed orange juice just needs to be squeezed.
One has to be ready to explore animal parts that weren't so common back home.
However, the Gift of Contentment is real.  All of the new, scary and inconvenient things can be adjusted for, and then it's all right again.  We feel blessed to be here and to have the opportunity to serve.  The Spirit really does fill in the gaps.
OK, maybe we haven't quite adjusted to the all night parties across the street, but we're sure it will come.
Dave & Paula


Emily said...

I enjoyed reading your post. Paula, I love your hair! Did you just cut it? Plus, your dishwasher in Columbia is much more entertaining than the one at home, right?:) You guys are awesome. Thanks for your example.:)

youarenicelady said...

Paula, you look like you're 25 in that last picture! Glad the Spirit is filling the gaps :)

PaulaJean said...

Y'all are kind. My hair has been this short since September. I've found an awesome hairdresser that is only 3 blocks from our apartment. Life does go on without a ponytail. :-)

Ryan Busch said...

Hey! Me and some of these elders would love to get in touch with you guys! My email is so if you can shoot me an email i will make sure they also get it! By they i mean Elder Rigby and Elder Glick!

Patti said...

That was a lovely post. Now I'm off to scream.