Thursday, January 3, 2013

"I did it all by myself!"

All eyes in the room gradually turned to Paula, she swallowed hard, and said, "Uh, sure.  I can take her home."
A young Sister missionary suffered a health setback, and had to be accompanied home to Peru.  The candidates to go with her were limited by the following criteria:   
1) Female, 2) Holder of a passport, 3) Spanish speaker (more or less), 4) Church member, 5) Open schedule, 6) Lookin' for a good time.  
So, off they went, flying out of Bogota's brand new airport (only two years late),
to Lima, then on to Chiclayo, the fourth largest city in Peru, with about a half-million people.
Some of you may ask yourself, "Hey, how do I know that's actually Chiclayo in the picture?"  Well, it's a big church, a city plaza....OK, good point.  But really, it's Chiclayo.  Trust me.
Anyway, after making a smooth handoff of the young missionary to her father, Paula had five hours and an empty stomach, and an at-least rudimentary grasp of the language.  She successfully queried two nice lady security guards at the airport as to a good restaurant, got a cab, and had a great meal.  Tortilla de langostinos, anyone?
Then back to Lima, where she passed out in the hotel and spent New Year's Eve in our usual fashion; unconscious.  She made it back to Bogotá on New Year's Day, and uttered the immortal words:  "¡Lo hice todo por mí misma!"
We hope that you can do it all by yourself also!
Dave & Paula


Laura said...

Go mom!!!!!

Patti said...

Muy bien Paula! Me gusta! And may I just had the Torilla de langostinos looks fab! Happy New Year guys!