Sunday, March 10, 2013

It's Almost Time...

It's been a rich seventeen months.  We've had a lot of great experience, a few not-so-great experiences, but have bonded with some outstanding people, and have come to appreciate a complicated, crazy and beautiful part of the world.  
Now, it's getting about time to close down this part of our life.  We didn't meet Pablo Escobar (he checked out in 1993), we only got robbed once (if you don't count a couple of taxi drivers who saw an opportunity), and we saw quiet manifestations of goodness in a lot of people.
We learned a lot about missionary work, and missionaries, and Mission Presidents, and hope at least a little of it was really learned for the next phase.
We laughed probably more than we should have, and got the sniffles a time or two as we parted from favorite people, including that 3-year-old Colombian bug, Valentina, who inherited the smiley-face stickers.
Anyway, it's time to clean up, pack up and get ready to head out.  
Stay tuned for more adventures.
Dave & Paula

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Anonymous said...

I'm jealous again. We had wonderful times with the Bossas, and it's good to see at least a couple of them in your post. Enjoy the next few months.

D Stull (Calvo Viejo)