Sunday, March 17, 2013

It's Monday, so this must be...Baku!

Thanks to Paula, the clean-up and move-out proceeded smoothly.  We scrubbed and vacuumed and arranged, and of course burned all the sensitive documents.
Actually, there were very few that anyone would care about, but once we got started, it was hard to quit, so we burned them all.
Dr. and Sister Malouf arrived on time.  Having previously served as the first AMA in Bogotá in years, they needed very little orientation.  Just the usual flobbulating over the fingerprint-ID entry system at the office, locating the local Lebanese restaurant and the few quirks in the apartment, and they were off and running.
We got to fly on the latest huge Bus of the Air.
 A handy Lunesta, and before we knew it, we were over the Channel, then on to Baku.
Brandon and Ashley's kids were glad to see us.
They took us all around the neighborhood, making Granny go places through which they passed more easily.
And showed off their favorite climbing tree,
And how fast they could run.
And of course the dragons.  Can't skip the dragons.
We're happy to be here, and to have a chance to see Azerbaijan, the kids and grandkids.
We look forward to seeing the sheep and the mountains and the drawings, and...
It really is great to be here.
Dave & Paula

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Patti said...

Having just completed the Grandma Tour I was feeling the fun and the love in these pictures. I need to get my kids to move to more exotic locations though!