Wednesday, August 28, 2013

She's not fooling anyone!

The pattern is emerging; we are spending about half of our time at 'home,' and the other half on the road.  This week was no different, as we dropped an adult couple at the airport, drove to Cerro de Pasco, back to Marcavalle, then to Tarma, then San Pedro de Cajas Branch.... you get the picture.  
It was District Leadership Training time in Tarma, and while I attended that, Paula went out for the afternoon with the Sister Missionaries there.
They taught a lesson, then made visits, crossing fields, and throwing pebbles at third-floor windows to let folks know that they had arrived.
On Sunday, we traveled with the District Presidency to San Pedro de Cajas, a small town high in the mountains, the road to which was unpaved, about an hour and a half long, and interesting.  
The town sits at about 12,000 feet, 
and is therefore a bit chilly.  The chapel, built about 20 years ago, is in great condition, thanks in part to good care, and to the fact that it's mostly masonry construction, meaning that it, too, is a little chilly.  So, we held what meetings we could outside
OK, I'm not supposed to lie.  The women thought of it first.
Around these parts, the older women carry things in a cloth tied on their shoulders.
Paula has wondered how they could make them secure enough to carry big loads, babies, lambs, whatever.  I mentioned this to several of the older sisters, and they were dying to show her how.
One kind older sister even gave her the cloth off her back.  Like I said, though, Paula's not fooling anyone that she's a Peruvian mamita.
Maybe she needs the hat, too.
We hope that you're learning new stuff also.
David & Paula


bestgrandkidsever said...

Alan's first question was, "Where's the hat?"

Patti said...

Definitely needs the hat!