Saturday, September 7, 2013

Is there a hyphen in Obsessive Compulsive?

Maybe it's because she is employed for 24 hours per week, and we live in a small apartment at the moment, and there's only so much to do.  Our beloved ama de llaves (housekeeper/cook) Lilly Nancy Gomez tries hard to find things to do after everything is already spotless and cooked to perfection.
I will admit that my reading glasses have never been in such good order.
 If those pillows are a millimeter out of whack, it's probably because the ruler is no good.
Dust would not dare settle here, despite being endemic in Huancayo.
We hope that your ama de casa is half as obsessive.
Dave & Paula


Patti said...

Oh, how I wish!

Calvo Viejo said...

We have been following your blog for a long time (ever since you moved into our old apartment in Bogotá). It's always the highlight of our day when we can read about your new doings.

We're resting after 18 or 20 grueling months in Brazil. We might go on another mission but would rather it be Spanish speaking. Will you need any senior missionaries in a couple of years? We could really enjoy Huancayo.

UnkaDave said...

We'd love to have you! Please contact us through the Mission.

Florencia Krasnoselsky said...

I guess our Quino (brilliant Argentine humorist)knows your Lilly:
Cheers from Argentina! :)