Friday, July 18, 2014

Mail! I get mail!

Every week, each of the 210 missionaries in the Mission are to write me a letter, letting me know how they are doing.
Luckily, it's no longer like that, as they now arrive by e-mail.
OK, maybe that's not such a good thing either.  However, it does allow me to read them from wherever I am.
OK, so I couldn't get wif-fi up there after all, but it was a darn good idea.
Anyway, some of them come a bit on the long side, 
while others are a bit short to tell me much.
When I have time, I try to answer as many as seems reasonable.
I am honored that the missionaries share with me accounts of faith and hard work, of difficulties overcome, of blessings rendered to their families for their hard work, and of course of disappointments.  I get to see them grow through their experiences, and sometimes help them with answers.
However, we hope that your in-box is a little less full on Monday afternoons.
Dave & Paula

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Patti said...

I'd never thought about how much mail or email it would be to get a weekly report from each missionary. That's a lot of reading!