Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Peru = frequent work-arounds

Back home, serious road work is scheduled and designed to minimize disruption, i.e., at night, at times of less traffic, etc.
Here?  Not so much.  A major road will be taped off for weeks, despite no apparent workmen or progress, without so much as a detour sign.  
A parade?  A dance?  Of course they win!  The biggest north-south street, that ran in front of our apartment building, was blocked for three days for a celebration.  Of something.  Complete with saxophone music.
So, when our internet access blinked out on Saturday morning, we first figured that it was one of those frequent blink-outs, and we were patient.
However, by that afternoon, nothing.  By Sunday morning, nothing.  By Sunday night, when it was needed for real-live Mission work, nothing.
By a work-around (see below), I left a message for Monday morning to the Operations & Management guys.  One of them saw it anyway, and called Movistar, the local internet provider.
"Oh, they're just working on something in the system, and it should be fixed in a day or two."
Oh, well.....WHAT?!!  With no notice the biggest Internet Serviced Provider in town just shuts it off for a couple of days?!  Not even a detour sign?
Luckily, our phones can be used as wi-fi "hotspots" that give us internet access, though slow.
Our Voice Over Internet Protocol Phone to the US needs the internet (read the name again),
so...The call from Mike came in on the internet through Paula's phone,
then was wi-fi'd to her computer, 
which went through the VOIP hardware,
then was wi-fi'd back to her telephone, where it had come from originally,
and she could talk to Mike.  In Utah.  On his cellphone.
I think I need some Tylenol.  Or parecetamol, which is the local work-around.
We hope things are being a little more straight-forward where you are.
Dave & Paula


Patti said...

Thank goodness for cellphone Wifi hotspots, and VOIP. I haven't seen it spelled out since studying for my HAM license, but my understanding of it feels like the picture. I don't really need to know how it works, as long as it does!

Anonymous said...
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