Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fun With Photoshop!

You know, I'm just sick and tired of it, that's all.  In a recent blog post, I included the following picture of myself, Paula, my brother Mark and his wife Amy, and Winston Trice, our long-time friend from medical school.  It represented a group shot during our climb up to the glacier on Huaytapallana, an 18,000+ foot mountain behind Huancayo.
However, many of you have commented that I look like a large Hershey Kiss, and not the extreme-o, macho guy that I am.  Photoshop came to my rescue.
 How's this for macho, eh?  Who's laughing now?!
Or how about this?  I mean, that thing has got to weigh 100, no 200 pounds.  Only a real man, not a Hershey's kiss, could carry that to 16,000 feet.
Next one who laughs has to deal with THIS guy.
Or the Nature Man of the Andes!
Rats.  Paula just said, "Put it away.  Put away that Photoshop thing NOW!"  While she was out of the room, I made sure I no longer looked like a pointy piece of chocolate.
Anyway, I hope your pictures of cool, real man-type activities come out better than mine did.

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Patti said...

Hahaha! Photoshop is awesome!