Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Visit of Elder Waddell

About once a year, we are visited by a General Authority of the Church, who makes a tour of the mission, interviewing and teaching the missionaries and the members. General Authorities are those leaders called to be assigned anywhere in the world, as opposed to the Area and local authorities.
Elder W. Christopher Waddell came to our mission last week from Lima where he is serving in the Area presidency.
Such visits can of course can cause some degree of tension for the mission president himself, who naturally beforehand can see every fault of himself and the mission.
However, as is typical of such men, Elder Waddell was kind and considerate, though very clear.  His instruction was inspired, right on the money for what we need to do. Those who were fortunate enough to be interviewed individually spoke warmly of the experience.
Because of the limited time we had, the size of the Mission and the number of meetings, early morning starts were typical, as were late evenings. 
Elder Waddell spoke with all the missionaries in three large meetings, in Huanuco, Huancayo and La Merced in the jungle.  (Note: the tall fellow - 6'5"- to my right is him.)
Elder Waddell's wife, who became friends with Paula during a 3-hour immigration processing wait in Lima, slipped her an e-mail telling us that Sunday would be his birthday.  
Our office Elders where all over it, having a maracuya/tres leches cake made especially for him.
Paula enthusiastically thanked him for his help in her obtaining a real oven! instead of the E-Z Bake that had originally been spec'd.  By the way, she's not that short.
In all, it was truly an inspiring visit, one which made me thankful once again for good, kind and straightforward leaders in the Church.
We hope that your visits from General Authorities also turn out to be not scary.
Dave & Paula


Dwight Parkinson said...

Pres & Sis. Henderson, Dwight Parkinson here, Sis Henderson's parents were my mission President in Canada. I saw the picture of Elder Waddell with you and thought small world. My son-in-law, Elder Swallow was Elder Waddell's assistant in the Spain mission when he was Mission President there several years ago. The world keeps getting smaller!

Patti said...

Where do you find your great pictures!? That first one had me rolling on the floor. SO glad it didn't end up representing the actual visit.