Friday, November 27, 2015

The Bucket List gets shorter every day!

The Battle of Junín was a military engagement of the Peruvian War of Independence, fought in the highlands of the Junín Region on August 6, 1824. The preceding February the royalists had regained control of Lima, and having regrouped in TrujilloSimón Bolívar in June led his rebel forces south to confront the Spanish under Field Marshal José de Canterac. The two armies met on the plains of Junín, a desolate place on the altiplano.
Note:  Unfortunately, Bolívar himself couldn't attend, being laid up with tuberculosis nearby. (He may well have died from the disease at a later time.)
The battle is commemorated by a 30+ meter high (about 100 ft.) obelisk on the lonely, windy plains at over 14,000 feet altitude.  We have passed it on the Central Highway, oh, about 50 times, usually going at about 60+ mph, and have commented numerous time, "Oh, when we get time, we need to visit."  It is way out there, further than this looks, and we have never had the time.
Until last week, that is.  We finally pulled up to the gate, paid our 20 soles (about $6), picked up Carlos the guide, and arrived.
To our surprise, there was a small museum in the base of the obelisk.
Carlos gave us a detailed explanation of the murals, and how the battle went.
Interestingly, in the end, it was really more of a skirmish than a big battle, with less than 2,500 involved, with about 400 casualties.  However, the Spanish took off, and their decline in the region began.
BUT, meanwhile...
So there you have it!  One more checkmark on the ol' bucket list!
We hope that you are having luck getting all those important things done in your life also.
Dave & Paula


MarkJr said...

Nice work Presidente! Not only are your posts entertaining, but they are also informative. Bolívar and his men paved the way toward independence; unfortunately, with that pavement came speed bumps by the thousands -- "too much of a good thing" -- according to Shakespeare. With those speed bumps came car damage. An alert reader posted the following: "My mechanic told me yesterday that my shocks are completely gone and all 4 tires (purchased just last year) are all damaged and have to be replaced-- among other damages to my car totaling over $1,000. And he tells me eventually the damage to my car will be permanent. What do you think? Do I have a case for a lawsuit against my city? If 5 miles an hour is not slow enough, what do I have to do? Stop the car every time, get out and lift the car over the bump?"

For those driving large, bloated 4wd vehicles (take note Presidente), I do not recommend the aforementioned solution.

Florencia Krasnoselsky said...

I loved your bucket list! :) Nice activity for next Family Home Evening. I wonder why I never wrote any...? Thanks for sharing!

Patti said...

Hahahaha! Great bucket list!