Monday, November 2, 2015

Useful signs, Peru

When we were in Bogotá, it took a little while to recognize the street signs.  Here in Peru, we've had to learn some new ones.  Some are obvious:
Others, though also pretty clear, haven't been obeyed since cars could even GO 55 kilometers/hour.
Some are unique to the region.  Honestly, if I saw any signs warning me of alpacas crossing the road back in North Carolina, I wasn't paying attention.
Not sure on this one.  I remember a James Bond movie where his car shot stuff at the bad guys.  Maybe they mean, like Jaime Bondo or something down here.
There must be a lot of wild teenagers in Peru.  This ones instructs them not to burn rubber on the road.
They are not kidding with this one.  When it rains here, the mountains have a habit of shedding their attachments.  It would be prudent to make like the little figure and skeedaddle.
We're always learning something down here.
We hope you follow the instructions on the signs wherever YOU live.
Dave & Paula

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Patti said...

I will follow the instructions, but our signs are not nearly as cool as your signs.