Saturday, June 11, 2016

It's Adventure Grandma®!

When I married her almost 39 years ago, Paula had just finished her undergraduate degree in Youth Leadership, which at the time required such classes as Water Skiing 101, Backpacking 203, Whitewater Canoeing 302, etc.  She has always been willing to try new things, and is an avid cyclist, has her scuba certification, windsurfs fast, and doesn't wimp out.
We were in the jungle part of the Mission recently, and decided to see a new set of waterfalls on a half-Preparation Day.  Jorge, the owner of the land, grinned and said, "Try the right side this time!" So we did.
The right side (we'd already done the left) turned out to be a bit wilder, but gorgeous.
It required a little more scrambling.
The trail was a bit more sketch.
But it was worth it.
We continue to climb the hills behind Huancayo when we have the chance, to stay in shape for the upcoming Inca Trail hike with friends and family.
We admit that we're not as fast as we used to be, but it's still fun at age ___ and ___ (actual figures redacted at the demand of Adventure Grandma®'s legal counsel).
We hope you're still trying new stuff!
Dave & Paula


Patti said...

One word for Adventure Grandma, the trail, and the waterfall - Awesome!

Darwin said...

We feel like we know you just from following "Out of the Frying Pan." We started following you when you got our apartment in Bogotá and have become addicted to this blog. We served with J. T. & Dona Malouf. Best wishes as you mission comes to an end.
Darwin & Vicki

Terry Steelman said...

Hi, dR. Henderson and Paula ! I thoroughly enjoy your blog!! Amazing adventures , I know you are ready for a break and I hope I get to see you during your stay in Raleigh ! God Bless! Terry Steelman

wbk said...

President Henderson,

I am an old missionary that served in Huancayo in 1971 - 1972 serving under President Driggs. When I was there, my companion was the branch president. the congregation numbered about 50 active members meeting in a rented house. The church has changed significantly in the 45 years since I was there. I have been following your blog since my wife and I visited Huancayo about 2 years ago. We have laughed knowingly about your pictures of the airport in Juaja, and other areas of my most favorite assignment. thank you for your humor and kindness to the people of Peru. I have a deep and abiding love for them. I expect you do as well. if you ever get to Houston, I would love to meet you in person, I feel like I already know you from your blog.

Bill Knighton

Jennifer Anderson said...

My husband and I came across your blog when our son was called to serve his mission in Bogota Colombia. He served under Pres Lozano, and he returned home last summer. We had the opportunity of picking him up and even traveled to Leticia. We have loved reading of your adventures, and want to thank you for sharing your experiences with us through this blog. Best wishes as you return home to your family. You have opened our eyes to the fun that can be had while serving the Lord.
Jay and Jennifer Anderson
Mesa, Az