Sunday, March 19, 2017

Same title, different operations

During my years as an Obstetrician-Gynecologist, I learned and performed various operations having to do with bladder dysfunction.  While not universally successful, a lot of folks' lives were helped through the efforts.  
I haven't been in an operating room for five and a half years.  However, for a couple of years prior to heading to South America, I was periodically trying to learn to kitesurf, again not always successfully.
Most kites have a frame consisting of inflatable tubes and struts, both to keep them light, and so that they'll float in the more-or-less likelihood that they'll end up in the water.  In my case, more.
During a recent activity with the young men at church, I brought my kites to show them something about the sport.  We inflated my eight-year-old kite, and sure enough, age, abuse and long storage had taken their toll on the air bladder of one strut.  "How come it doesn't stay inflated, Dave?  How does that help?"  
So, off to the operating room, sort of.  
I guess you can say that what goes around seems to come around.  Once again, I'm doing bladder repair procedures, though with some differences.  For instance, the kite doesn't require anesthesia, I can quit in the middle of the operation and have lunch, my pre-op discussion with the patient is much shorter, etc.  
I'm super excited about a trip with my brother to the Outer Banks of North Carolina in a couple of weeks, and just hoping that the procedure has been a success.
We hope that any bladder repairs in your family are likewise successful.

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