Sunday, March 26, 2017

Visas, schmisas!

We have loved having Ashley and Brandon and The Gang here since a couple of days after Christmas.  They were scheduled to leave a couple of days ago, but thanks to sluggish responses both in Washington, DC and Tajikistan, an entry visa for the new kid didn't make it on time.  And no, as much as we love him, they can't leave him here.  Uh, no.  
Cute, but not going to happen.  
While the kids and Brandon were visiting his folks in Missouri, we took advantage of no little helpers and repainted the family room.
For various reasons, including how things are in Tajikistan, Ashley has home-schooled the kids. We've been impressed at how disciplined she has been with them, even here. However, the school books and materials were all packed in anticipation of their departure, so a holiday has been declared. They've visited museums and the North Carolina zoo, and enjoyed some good spring weather.  The kayaks came out again, terrorizing the frogs in the pond.
I mean, if you were a Lithobates sphenocephalus and spotted the above dangerously-overloaded craft heading your way, wouldn't you go back in to hibernation? Even before you saw The Dread Pirate Jo-Jo sailing at you?
All watercraft episodes end with waterlogged participants, and this was no exception, though they noted "Wow! My legs are tingling!"
Years ago, I built dry-stack walls for terraces in Paula's garden, but over the years, they demanded more and more nimbleness on her part as they became more and more wobbly. So, professionals were called in.
This has been of great interest for the grandkids, who incidentally have learned the importance of a) proper preparation of foundation soil, 
b) the value of a plumb line and adequate reinforcement of a masonry wall,
and c) correct mortar proportions (3 parts sand, one part dyed cement, appropriate H20), as well as the expected solidification time for 63 degrees ambient temperature (Fahrenheit).
They also helped grandpa put in a new strut bladder on the family kitesurfing kite, after grandpa popped the @#$%^ first one.
While everyone was at the zoo, Paula and I attacked the kitchen, getting it painted before they got back. 
No kidding, when they got home, the Dread Pirate Jo-Jo asked several times if he could help paint. I like the kid, 
but putting a paint brush in this guy's hand and letting him loose with yellow paint is as smart as, oh, I dunno...
or maybe....

The nice spring weather means eating lunch outside. 
Baby Doll (real name) needed nourished also, apparently.
Gang Sliding may make it in for the 2020 Summer Olympics.  Dangerous, but a real crowd pleaser. Haven't their parents ever heard of helmets? And shoulder pads?!
About the only thing wrong with an extra week is that they start looking for more things to do. This kid was arrested for doing 45 mph in a school zone.  And driving on a license from Tajikistan.  An expired license from Tajikistan, no less.  Diplomatic immunity counts over there, not here, sister.  
Anyway, we are perfectly fine that the incompetence unexpected delays of the two governments have doomed the Sherwood family to an extra week with us.  We love them, and will miss them. Though the Great Blue Heron decoy will probably be relieved.
We hope that your house is equally nutso, but in an equally great way.
Dave & Paula

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Patti said...

I was most impressed by all the painting you got done while little ones were away. Nicely done! And I always love it when plans go south and kids and grandkids get to stay a little longer. Lucky.