Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hermana Henderson takes over!

Well, you knew it had to happen sooner or later.  She was not going to sit on the sidelines.  
Our friends the Boulters finish their 18-month mission this week, and while a young missionary has been recruited and trained in Bill's numerous duties in the mission office, Terri's seat was going to be empty.
However, the power vacuum has been filled.
Terri also covered a lot of ground duty-wise, and Paula is playing catch up for a bit.  She's in charge of correspondence, including welcoming letters to nervous new missionaries who have received their call to - gasp! - Bogotá.  She's also supposed to keep track of mission organization, birthday letters, and the Mission history book.  The Hispanic missionaries have an English study program through which they can be certified by an outside agency, and she makes sure they are registered and take the test.  And....
You get the picture.  There's a new sheriff, and she's making that mouse squeak!

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Elder and Sister Boulter, (Bill and Teri) said...

And a fine new mouse it tis!! I cannot believe I actually grew fond of the dinosaur this new mouse has replaced!! Who woulda' thought? Go get 'em Paula!