Saturday, December 10, 2011

So THAT'S where they all went!

As many of you numismatists will recall with sadness, the $1.00 coin brought out in 1999 never really caught on.  As you also surely know, the Sacagawea coin, stamped with the likeness of the young Indian woman who saved Lewis & Clark's bedraggled lunches, continues to be minted, albeit in small number.  However, mountains of the not-too-popular metal money were stored away in the Treasury vaults early in this century, where they remain in....


No kidding!!  The brass-clad copper currency is still alive and popular down here.  I guess it doesn't get moldy in the humidity or something.  Anyway, when you get change for your fresh American tens and twenties (they gave up on the 'sucre' down here about 2000 and the dollar is it), it often jingles in your pocket.
I do hope we got some bananas or free passes to the Galapagos Islands in the deal.
We also hope you have plenty of Sacajaweas in YOUR vault.
Dave & Paula

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