Thursday, December 1, 2011

One of these things is not like the others

Every three months, the Mission President meets with the young Elders and Sisters of each zone (approximately 20-25 missionaries) in a Zone Conference, usually lasting much of the day.  Occasionally, a visiting authority of the Church also meets with them, to teach principles of following the Savior, and visit with the President and their young Zone Leaders.  
These are joyous occasions, opportunities to be enlightened and uplifted and to see friends in the mission, as you can tell from the smiles on the faces of those in the group picture below.  They are surrounding President Christopher Waddell of the South America Northwest Area of the Church (he's the tall fellow with the yellow tie in the second row).
However, one of these things is not like the others.  The older, bald guy with the red necktie on the right end of the second row is not smiling very much. 
That's Doctor Henderson, and the reason he's not smiling is because he's just been informed that Elder S_____ is in the restoom throwing up violently, and because Sister H_____ needs to talk to him about her stomach problems.  And because Elder G______ in the _____Mission may have TB after all.
We hope that you continue to have all sorts of reasons to smile!
Dave & Paula

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Ed Seegmiller IFR said...

Dr Henderson,
One of the only things about retiring for me is that I will lose the opportunity to work with you and Paula. What a fun couple you are and Cheryl Doty and I were just commenting on how wonderful your blog is and how you two will bring so much confidence to the missionaries and mission presidents. Good job my friend. I will miss our constant contacting. YOu are just what the Doctor ordered.