Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Square hole, round peg - Colombian style!

The 3rd-floor folks across the street are moving out, and today we learned how you get big furniture out, considering the tiny elevators and narrow stairwells.
First, you anchor some ropes to someone else's top-floor terrace,
 put on a harness, 
and get hoisted up to the big picture window.  You hope the guy on the rope remembers to hold it as one of the many attractive (according to Paula) Colombian women walks by.
While trusting your buddies, you chip out the caulking and metal strips that have held the picture window glass in for years.
Meanwhile, the guys below  remember they haven't had lunch, and share it with the guy holding the rope.
Finally, you use a broom, 
then do something with a hammer,
and finally the glass comes loose.
Meanwhile, the really big stuff has been wrapped in cardboard and rope,
and goes out the window.  
¡No problema!  
...except of course for having to stop briefly for a passing downpour (in Bogotá?!  No!)
So, remember, if it doesn't look like your new king-size mattress is going to make it up the stairs, give us a ring and we'll get some Colombian guys to c'mon up and pop out a window.
¡No problema!
Dave & Paula


bestgrandkidsever said...

We hope they are paying that guy in the harness well!

Sherwood family said...

I'm glad to see they're using a harness, at least. I'm impressed they didn't drop the glass!

Darwin said...

OH, how reminiscent. We stood at that very same window in your apartment and watched in amazement as they washed those windows. We decided that the OHSA guys in the US would have several heart attacks a day watching workers in Bogota get the job done. I noticed in my last post that it signed me as Darwin. I am really Vicki. I will be peaking in on your blog from time to time just for the good memories and to remind me how much the advertising slogan in Colombia really is true (at least mostly. We did have a few hair raising experience.) "The only risk in Colombia is the risk of not wanting to leave."