Saturday, January 7, 2012

Why Paula has decided against a modeling career

Bogotá began in an area up against the mountains on the eastern side of the fertile valley across which it has now spread.  The main plaza hosts the iconic 16th-century church and the iconic 21st-century gigantific-ginormous Christmas tree.
Among other things we visited in the old center today was the Botero museum.  It has an amazingly broad collection of works by well-known artists, from Gaugin to Ernst to Calder, all donated by Fernando Botero, who is famous for his plump-people paintings and sculptures.
Paula decided that Picasso probably wouldn't have made her look very good, 
and, just like the TV camera, Botero would have made her look at least 10 kilos out of whack.
With her dream of being an artist's model shattered, at least in Colombia, she consoled herself with admiring the beautiful courtyards of the museum.
And buying a new sweater.
We hope that your aspirations continue to be attainable.
Dave & Paula

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Amy Henderson said...

Based on another post, she makes a face mask look darn good! Keep having fun and sharing the experiences!