Saturday, January 7, 2012

We've got mail!!

As a previous post revealed, mailing a letter from here is prohibitive.  However, this week, we received a sweet Christmas card from my 92-year-old father!  Our first mail!
Apparently, the 4-72 guys, through whom the US Post Office sends things down here, can't steal and use the US stamps, which are cancelled, so what's the point? and they deliver the letters, as long as there's nothing that feels of value within.  
When our doorman announced he had more mail for us, we figured it was one of the monthly bills.  Lo and behold, another Christmas card, from our daughter Brynn and family!  
Thanks for the cards!  We look forward to more mail next December/January
Dave & Paula


Anonymous said...

Hi, have you had success mailing letters to the states? I'm expecting a letter from my friend in colombia. I'm not sure what area he posted it from, but I'm wondering how likely I am to get it. Not gonna hold my breath, but I would like to read it :-) thanks

UnkaDave said...

We haven't mailed anything yet. Apparently, there are other services that will do a one-ounce first class letter for about $14 USD that usually get it there...usually.